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Monday, June 22, 2009

Environmental Permitting and Reporting Services

One of the mainstay services of Pacific Spectrum Environmental is the environmental permitting and reporting services we do for our clients. The Environmental Management Bureau has permitting and reporting requirements which industries need to comply with regularly. Permitting requirements include the following:

- Water Discharge Permit (DP)
- Air Pollution Source and Control Installation (APSCI) Permit-to-Operate (APTO)
- Hazardous Waste Generator Generator Registration (HWID)
- Treatement, Storage and Disposal (TSD) Certification
- LLDA Development Clearance (LC)
- Priority Chemical List (PCL) Certification

Meanwhile, environmental reporting requirements include the following:

- Quarterly Self-Monitoring Reports (SMR)
- Semi-Annual ECC Compliance Monitoring Report (ECC CMR)
- Annual PCL Report

Our company has been dedicated to be take on a pro-active role on our clients permitting and reporting requirements without compromising their ownership or responsibility.  We simply make report preparation and submission easier by facilitating information gathering and liaising (document submission, followup and pick-up).

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